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Life after Clara continues…

I find myself much more in tune to senior citizens now.  One small example of this was recently when my husband and I were on a trip, taking a tour, and there was a retired woman in our tour group traveling alone.  At our first stop, we were told we could look around and to meet back in fifteen minutes at the tour bus.  I could detect nervousness on this woman’s part and I asked her if she was okay.  She said she doesn’t have a good sense of direction, and she was afraid if she looked around, she would not find her way back to the tour bus.  So she was just going to stand by the tour bus until it was time to move to the next location.  Andy and I took her under our wing, each stop she would stick to us like glue.  We both felt good that this woman that we just met felt comfortable with us, and she ended up being enjoyable company.  Even though at times I feel like a senior citizen magnet, there is a feeling of satisfaction in helping other people.  

My entire account is available at http://www.createspace.com/3469034 or at Amazon.com, just type in the title of my book, LIFE WITH CLARA – ONE CAREGIVER’S JOURNEY.  I appreciate all of your comments and wish all caregivers the strength they need to cope each day!  


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