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tracksAfter my mom had a stroke, I spent months in crisis mode, doing everything humanly (and sometimes inhumanly) possible to help her recover.  Now, more than a year later, with the dust settled, she is gaining independence and I am gaining some of my life back.  As I was finding a new life outside of only caregiving- work, friends, a relationship; unbenost to me, I began to hope… My mom had made some recovery- both physically and mentally.  From where she had begun, she had gained quiet a bit of independence.  I never was naive enough to think that things would go back to the way they were before the stroke, but I unconsciously had hope that with the recovery she had made, maybe just maybe I would have my mom back.  And somewhere along they way, that hope had turned into expectation.  My expectation that at any moment now, she would just snap out of it, and become my feisty mother that would call the shots and tell me what to do. (more…)


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